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Blogging – A way out of the content dilemma

by Bianka Boock

Many decision-makers underestimate how many newsworthy updates their company produces. Requests for news always produce consistently meagre results: “We haven’t got anything in particular”, “Same as usual”, or “Ask us again in a couple of weeks”. As a result, they tend to think of blogging as a distraction, something only for big businesses. The logic is: if our news isn’t enough for a press release or specialist article, then it’s certainly not enough for a blog post. But this is a false premise: in fact, nothing is more suitable than a blog post.

While there are strict conditions placed on the format of press releases and specialist articles, a blog can be much more flexible. Businesses can freely determine the subject matter. And – truly – it’s always possible to blog about a specialist subject, since each employee is a specialist in their own field, and there are always new facets of that field to consider, especially in the technology industry. The assumption that subject matter will dry up and become difficult to communicate is not borne out in practice, as many actively blogging companies have shown.

One such company is Congree, whose blog focuses on content optimisation. Providing tips for more readable texts, as well as entries on tone of voice, Indian English in technical documentation and much more, Congree’s employees provide new “Ideas for Content Heroes” while also demonstrating their own expertise.

Monthly updates and product PR

GetMyInvoices takes another interesting approach. Its invoice management software blog offers readers a monthly update on the company’s daily agenda for the month in question. This way, GetMyInvoices provides updates on the latest improvements to its software and also offers a personal note with upcoming events and plans.

Blogs can also be an attractive showcase for product PR, as Foxit Software demonstrates on its product blog. Leading employees from various departments in this global company offer a concrete explanation of the benefits their PDF solutions provide, giving even experienced users a few interesting hints and tips.

Freedom of design and bonus factors for your unique web identity

As well as being freely able to select your subject matter, having your own blog lets you demonstrate your corporate identity, including both your corporate design and corporate language. Neither press releases nor specialist articles for other media outlets offer such freedom. Last but not least, blogs are not necessarily tied down by deadlines or fixed timetables. Of course, some companies do always publish posts on the same day each week, but this is not an externally imposed requirement. Less frequent updates are also perfectly possible.

Above all, the important thing is to just take some time to blog and to organise who does what, and on what subject. This work will pay off, since particularly at the moment, when platforms are desperate for new content, and with the threat of a “link tax” for stories in commercial media, a blog – together with a company website – offers an outstanding opportunity to produce unique content and rank up your own web presence in search results.

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