Why good news!?

Why good news!?

Whether you work with hardware, software or services, see your IT solutions as the protagonists in an exciting story! With us, your company and product communications are in the very best of hands. With a unique positioning and clear USPs, you’ll stand out from your competitors and strengthen your marketing options. The benefit to you: a positive image, increased brand awareness and more leads.

Absolutely IT

We love IT and are 100 percent committed to it. Which means that with us as a partner, you can get started right away without having to waste time on lengthy explanations and time-intensive briefing sessions. Our extensive knowledge of IT and the industry, and our experience with editorial work in a range of media, form the basis for effective communications work. With our proven set of services, you can take off right away.

Trend Monitoring

The IT industry is an innovative one, constantly influenced by new trends and technologies. Some vanish as soon as they arrive, while others define the market for years and years. We monitor current developments, assess their relevance and incorporate strategic requirements to develop dynamic, up-to-date communications campaigns that genuinely make an impact on the public.

Optimise your marketing

Your market is like an impenetrable thicket of information, with countless competitors all promising that they’re the best. With a unique positioning, we’ll give your business a profile that puts you head and shoulders above all of the ‘me-too’ pretenders. Our understanding of the market and our outward-looking approach allows us to better identify opportunities and use them to promote your USPs – strengthening your marketing options.

Communication across all channels

Our agency has grown in line with the PR industry. This means we can also advise you which web platforms are suited to your need, and actively assist you in managing your Twitter profile, your Facebook and LinkeIn pages, and/or your XING group. You’ll benefit from interacting with customers and other parties, and from the interplay between the different channels.

On the international stage

Want to increase brand awareness on an international level? We have contacts in renowned PR agencies in Europe and the USA. Together with you, we’ll develop a country-specific communications strategy for you which takes into account the latest trends and weightings.