Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae – Over 20 years of good news for the IT industry

We have a rich network of contacts and extensive communications and IT know-how. This is the capital that we put to work for your benefit. Take a look at our CV and discover the IT trade shows, businesses and associations that have engaged us in the past!

2022: Back to trade shows at last!

In March, our customer Caya hosted Bits & Business, its first digitization conference for SMEs. We designed and then implemented a comprehensive communications package in advance of the event.

After a two-year COVID-induced hiatus, we were finally able to support Messe Stuttgart on-site again. As such, this summer, we kept people up to date about what was happening live from the CastForge and LASYS shows. We were also very pleased to receive other new assignments from Messe Stuttgart, with projects supporting the eltefa, f-cell, GrindingHub, VISION and Volta-X events on social media.

For our customers at ecoDMS, we were able to produce a comprehensive white paper that explains the functions, benefits and applications of document management systems (DMS). And last but not least, we supported PI Labs GmbH, a provider of flexible IoT products, and Smart CJM GmbH, a provider of customer journey management solutions, with a number of press and public relations projects.

2021: Off to a good start

Since the start of this year, we have also been working with Caya, an innovative digitization enabler This Berlin-based startup digitizes the day-to-day mail its customers receive. It offers a smart document management system in the form of its Document Cloud.

2020: good news in the age of the coronavirus

COVID-19 is affecting the global economy significantly. For almost all of our customers, this is a critical moment for sharing how their solutions can help businesses manage emerging problems resulting from issues like social distancing and increased cost pressures. We help to communicate these messages.

2019: An anniversary and new contracts

We have now been working for ten years with callas software, a provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions based in Berlin.

But we have also won new customers, too. These include pirobase imperia, a developer and supplier of content and product information management solutions based in Cologne. Meanwhile, Cocq Datendienst, based in Hamburg, continues to rely on us as well. And last but certainly not least, we are proud to work with the fintech company fino, based in Kassel, and to have the opportunity to help with their communication around their innovative products and services, which help optimize financial business processes.

2018 - Events, events, events

We start the year auspiciously, with the literal good news that Melissa Data has chosen to rely on us once more to support it with press and public relations work. We also win a new customer in ecoDMS.

Work gets very exciting. As well as adapting to the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation, we also work with 1A relations on its CRM Technology portal, which delivers up-to-the-moment C-level information to provide the very best user and customer experience.

A number of events help to ensure that no two days are quite the same. These include the Lübeck Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s "Unternehmerinnentag", where our head Nicole Gauger describes how businesses can successfully present themselves to the public, as well as the PDF Days Europe in Berlin and the latest CeBIT in Hanover. Several events which we help to support bring us to Messe Stuttgart: LASYS and CastForge in June, and AMB’s special show “Digital Way” in September.

2017: All hands on deck

What a surprise! The year after the final IT & Business is anything but quiet. We travel to CeBIT and to SAP Ariba Live in Prague, manage to help Messe Stuttgart with its communications for EVS30 at short notice, and win a number of new customers: GEDAK, Colourbox, Qmatic, PaperPlus and GetMyInvoices.

We also intensify our collaboration with Congree and look forward to working more closely with a range of media outlets. These include marconomy, BIT, Postmaster magazine, gi Geldinstitute and vb Versicherungsbetriebe.

Somehow, amid all this work, our boss finds time to get cooking creatively – we call it “50 Shades of Chicken” – and invites us to breakfast every Monday. It’s just what we need to fortify ourselves for the day, especially considering the exciting new projects on the horizon for 2018.

2016: A year of change

The year begins with a very promising start: now, beyond ‘just’ Cocq Datendienst GmbH, the entire ANS Group – a provider of holistic, practical business process solutions – relies on our expertise in classical PR.
2016 is also a year of change. We support Messe Stuttgart more closely than ever for LASYS, but we also have to come to terms with the fact that October’s IT & Business will be the last.

Nicole Gauger takes the helm as the sole director and shareholder at good news!. One of the first projects is to redesign our website. Working together with advertising agency Preiss, we create an online "home away from home".

2015: Celebrating anniversaries in our house

Congratulations to our customers callas and LuraTech: callas software turns ten years old, while LuraTech turns 20.

There are also new developments this year: our protégés IT & Business, DMS EXPO and CRM-expo, have grown into a full trade show – IT & Business – a specialist event for digital processes and solutions. The full spectrum of business IT comes together in one hall for the first time at the Messe Stuttgart in autumn – to great success.

LASYS expands its collaboration with us. A year before the fifth edition of the international trade show for laser material processing, our work now goes beyond just social media and newsletter communications, and now also includes assembling collections of press releases with the latest news.

The CRM experts at 1A Relations GmbH choose our services, as do the ECM specialists at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

2014: Happy birthday, good news!

This year, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of good news!. We are very excited to see what this jubilee year will bring.

The beginning of the year has already gone well: NORRIQ Deutschland GmbH has awarded us a PR contract.

2013: IT trade show association in Stuttgart chooses us for our communications expertise

As the trade show network expands to include the CRM-expo as well as IT & Business and the DMS EXPO, our duties supporting the Stuttgart-based business IT trade shows become more varied and extensive. As well as providing communications across all platforms for IT & Business and the DMS EXPO, we begin providing traditional public relations services for the CRM-expo. This lets us help the leading trade show for customer relationship management in Stuttgart achieve significant success, becoming one of the proverbial three good things: Where IT works.

We win Melissa Data GmbH as a new customer. This data quality and address management solution provider, based in Berlin, is expanding its operations within Germany and tasks us initially with translation work and later with PR measures.

We help develop the design and content for TROPPER DATA SERVICE AG’s new web presence. The service provider and product developer in the area of administration, information and document management will re-introduce itself in 2014.

Our own website undergoes a relaunch, too. We publish a new web presence including professional photos of the good news! team. Naturally, our new colleagues Viktoria Shopova and Kristina Muus are a part of it all, having fitted in seamlessly and brought fresh impetus and new ideas to our agency.

2012: Messe Stuttgart awards us more projects

Messe Stuttgart tasks good news! with all PR work for the trade shows IT & Business ( and the DMS EXPO 2012 (, to our great pleasure. All good news! staff put their hearts and souls into helping design the public face of “our” IT trade shows.

Following a successful LASYS, good news! is awarded an additional contract to create industry news articles for the LASYS website and to manage the organisation’s Twitter profile. The good news! team is proud to be able to continue working with this specialist trade show.

good news! is also equally pleased to learn that the Electronic Billing Association (Verband elektronischer Rechnung, VeR) is keen to improve its public relations with our help. The association is now active on Twitter and Xing.

2011: asim and First Businesspost choose us for PR matters

asim passes responsibility for an entire year’s worth of public relations to good news!, and we are entrusted with overseeing the media partnerships of the IT & Business trade fair in Stuttgart. The fair is expected to work with the DMS EXPO to establish an even bigger event this year. We are already looking forward to what should be the IT event of the year in Autumn.

Messe Stuttgart now also awards good news! the job of managing media partnerships for IT & Business. At this specialist trade show, which along with the simultaneously-occurring DMS EXPO has become an essential occasion for IT staff and commercial decision-makers, we and our partners at Messe Stuttgart increase both events’ activity on Twitter.

good news! helps LASYS – the international specialist trade show for laser-based material processing – take its first steps onto Twitter and creates industry news articles on the subject of laser-based material processing for the trade show’s website.

First Businesspost also tasks good news! with managing its public relations.

2010: DMS EXPO heads to Stuttgart; we go with them

One of the most eventful years in our history; and not only for us. The DMS EXPO returns to its original home in Stuttgart and builds a strong network with the IT & Business fair. We are there to supervise the successful running of the event.

global document solutions AG returns to good news! at the beginning of the year, and we also welcome the Ekumo GmbH, founded at the end of 2009, as a new customer.

Fulfilment and process specialist PORTICA, from Kempen, also joins good news! early on and is shortly followed by RETECO, one of the biggest full-service providers and operators of IT solutions in Germany for the transport and logistics sector.

good news! gains the custom of Winshuttle Deutschland GmbH, a provider of solutions in the System Analysis and Program Development (SAP) field.

asim, a division of the Druckhaus Waiblingen GmbH in Stuttgart, and the newly founded author support provider congree also take advantage of our services.

Social media plays an ever more important role in the expansion of our service provision.

2009: 15 years of good news! – dokuworld is born

good news! celebrates its 15th birthday, and experiences something new with customer dokuworld: as well as in print, we also publish specialist articles about international production communication online for

Exorbyte, well known in the data retrieval field for its high-performance search solutions for databases, online portals and websites, passes responsibility for its public relations to us.

good news! also offers support in developing PR for Ratiodata, one of the biggest IT service providers and system houses in Germany.

2008: Further projects from Berlin

Our network spreads to the capital, as the experts in software solutions, document management, storage and print production at callas software GmbH bring their custom to good news!

We also support Localization World, a leading conference and networking platform, with our know-how in events and PR. Localization World imparts knowledge on globalisation strategies and the localisation of products and services.

2007: We gain a further foothold in the field of product communication

Yet another leading association seeks the help of good news!: AIIM, european daughter of AIIM International (Association for Information and Image Management), the international association of producers, providers and users of Enterprise Content Management technologies. The company  assesses market trends and leads studies to create transparency in the market; they also provide highly specialised training programmes to provide the job market with qualified specialists.

The document specialists Behrens & Schuleit GmbH are also added to the good news! customer portfolio. Based in Düsseldorf, the company offers a wide range of advisory services as well as associated software and hardware solutions for document processing.

good news! further establishes itself on the technical documentation market by working with Across Systems GmbH and the dokuwerk KG. Across is the producer of software for Corporate Translation Management (CTM), i.e. for the efficient translation of manuals, online help services, catalogues and marketing materials into different languages. In contrast, dokuwerk is a consultancy and service provider for technical documentation. It creates the required product information independently or advises on the selection and implementation of Content Management Systems.
SCHEMA GmbH, provider of XML-based Content Management Systems, entrust their public relations once again into our care.

2006: We now also communicate in the areas of long-term archiving and storage systems

PDF/A, based on the well-known PDF Format, is the new ISO certificated standard format for long-term digital archiving. good news! supports the work of the PDF/A Competence Center, promoting the highest demand for information and experience exchange about PDF/A, and as a result oversee the rapid ascent in demand for the format.

With new customers, iTernity and PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, good news! gains a foothold in the storage sector. This also crosses numerous paths with the DMS/ECM sector: iTernity is a business unit of the Firma Pyramid Computer GmbH, concentrating on the legal issues surrounding the storage of data as fixed content. PoINT also specialises in the development of software products and system solutions in the mass storage market, with particular focus on optical storage.

We also secure the confidence of the Koelnmesse AG, who in 2007 asks us to oversee the PR of Net Solutions Expo, the new trade fair for network solutions in Cologne.

And last but not least: d.velop AG, another key player in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) game, takes advantage of our personal relations know-how.

2005: Our first international project with our partner agencies

good news! oversees the marketing of Berlin-based LuraTech in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux states, France and Scandinavia, developing an international reputation for the producer of JPEG2000 implementation and compression technology for pictures and scanned images.

The dsk Beratungs-GmbH, already successful for 20 years in the business process management sector, entrusts us with the expansion of their business relations.

In helping IBML Imaging Business Machines GmBH in Constance, Bodensee, we are able to use our experience from working with AGFA in 2002. IBML develops, produces and markets intelligent Scanner technology for the most sophisticated Document Imaging applications.

2004: New subject areas expand our portfolio

The Swabian Hans Held GmbH makes good news! responsible for marketing its solutions for the transferral of public administration documents from paper into electronic archives, as well as its corporate profiling.

good news! is also employed by Lübeck company MACH AG to improve its media position as a solution provider for information management. good news! succeeds in reaching far beyond the traditional target markets.

The global document solutions company technotrans AG puts good news! in charge of all its press and public relations. We also advise them on marketing strategies and business development.

good news! also puts the BasWare supply chain, daughter of the Finnish BasWare Corp., on the German media and market map.

The DMS trade fair moves from its base in Essen to Cologne, to be hosted by Kölnmesse. good news! continues its supporting role for the most prestigious trade fair in Europe.

2003: Good things always come in threes

Work continues on the press relations for daa Systemhaus AG (previously AUTODIGIT), another high flyer in the DMS market.

The taskarena AG, one of the most well-known German IT consultancies, chooses good news! to help develop its media presence.

good news! plays at home for the first time with the Lübeck-based information system provider databyte, laying the foundations of the company’s press relations and marketing.

2002: Our list of customers in the DMS/ECM sector continues to grow

SER Systems AG, one of the biggest German software companies, becomes a client. This is the first time good news! is entrusted with the investor relations of a listed company.

good news! also offers support to amenotec, a company specialising in knowledge management and information logistics, in marketing their innovative solutions based on semantic search algorithms.

The international association AIIM assigns good news! the task of organising a conference for Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This includes organising the complete programme as well as the accompanying media strategy and publicity.

We also offer the micographics and document management specialist, AGFA Deutschland, our services in developing their public relations.

2001: The new owners of the DMS EXPO continue to rely on our expertise

SCHEMA becomes yet another technology specialist to join the ranks of good news! clients, with their XML-based publishing software. good news! has brought XML into the consciousness of specialists and normal users ever since.

Advanstar Communications Germany takes over the DMS trade fair and continues work with good news!.

The themes of data capture and form management are brought to the fore with the emergence of Electric Paper.

Mikromatic, today known as Scanpoint, joins us on the way towards Systemhaus’s successful transformation into a franchise for printing and scanning services. good news! is there to support every step in the process.

The marketing of BS Biometric Systems’ technology continues with Signature Perfect. As a result, the electronic signature becomes the only public signature and online authentification service (to date), having been adopted by Deutsche Post Com.

In an end to a very successful year Advantic also joins us in December, broadening the interests of good news! in the IT market to include web content management and e-Government. With this, the first moves in the direction of online PR and online content are signalled.

2000: Digital signatures and life cycle management are added to our thematic map

BS Biometric Systems is one of the pioneers of the electronic signature, and it is up to good news! to spread the word.

The market is always moving, taking companies such as TOWER TECHNOLOGY along with it: and until the 2004 takeover by Vignette, good news! was responsible for creating successful relations between the company, media and multipliers.

good news! organises the LCM (Life Cycle Management) Conference for CSC PLOENZKE, with accompanying press and publicity.

1999: We welcome CSC PLOENZKE, InConcert and windream as new customers

The first conversations with another potential client are had at the CeBIT 99: namely the Workflow and Infrastructure specialists, InConcert Inc. The provider, relatively unknown in Germany, gains wide publicity with the help of good news!. (InConcert’s products are perfectly matched to the interests of the American Infrastructure giant TIBCO, and InConcert is subsequently taken over in 2001.)

The long-standing collaboration with A.I.S. (now known to the market as windream) also begins in this year. We take charge of their media strategy as well as public relations, and work alongside them in the development of new business ventures and products.

With CSC PLOENZKE, a firm specialising in work management practice, good news! experiences working with a consultancy for the first time. It was for the CSC Solutions Forum at the DMS trade fair that good news! successfully acquired the desired synergies.

1998: Our subject portfolio expands to include document capture

ICR Software & Systeme, one of the most important names in document capture and identification, also joins the exisiting technology and DMS providers working with good news!. Until the take over by Kleindienst, good news! was responsible for the all of the company’s public relations.

With AUTODIGIT (later renamed daa Systemhaus AG) good news! gains another customer that, with the help of an active public relations strategy, develops from technology provider to a more advanced service provider.

1997: Our first year managing PR for the DMS EXPO and the VOI

DMS and its associated technologies dominate the interests of the agency, and with Gruppe 21, hosts of the annual DMS trade fair in Essen, good news! finds a strategic ‘beacon’ in the market. (The trade fair and conference, which have since become the most important events in the trade calendar, are still looked after by good news! – and everything started with just a call from the host and a handshake a week later.)

Shortly after, VOI Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme, one of the most important associations in the branch of trade, joins our list of clients. good news! has organised and co-ordinated all of the public relations and communication logistics for this partner of the DMS trade fair ever since.

1996: Our first customer in the ECM industry: EASY

Our PR Network finally spreads to include an international customer: Stac Storage & Communications. (For industry insiders “Stacker” is also a term:  the compression software developed by Stac was the object of an intense debate with Microsoft over its origins, a debate which was resolved with a substantial payment paid to Stac.)

Providers of the “slow-burner” DMS (Document Management Systems) also enter our client list for the first time, in the form of EASY (at that time still known as “Elektronische Archivsysteme GmbH” and today as AG). For a year and a half we were the ambassadors for EASY in the booming DMS market.

1995: Workflow management comes into vogue

January, and our first customer. CSE Systems have one of the ground-breaking products for workflow management at their disposal, DOMEA, and it is our job to make the market aware of this new development.

With MICROTEAM, better known today as AKCENT Computerpartner Deutschland AG, another future value is added to the agency’s client list. We are able to further establish the specialist trade co-operative’s presence in the reseller media.

1994: Here comes the good news!

Ready to go: The company (GmbH) is licensed and the capital funds paid in. The computers are running with Windows 3.11 and the first version of Microsoft Office.