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PR Monitoring – An essential requirement for dialogue

Half of success is being able to listen. This quote from the 30th President of the United States of America, Calvin Coolidge, is more relevant now than ever. After all, in the era of dialogue, listening is a basic requirement. In order to be able to act effectively, you need an understanding of the relevant opinions and subjects surrounding your business, your products and services, and your competition. We’ll help you achieve this, offering:


Whether in print or online, we perform media resonance analyses every day to identify what the media is saying about your and/or your products or services. We summarise the results for you in compelling press Reviews.

Social Media Monitoring

We analyse what’s being said about you, your products, your competitors and recent market trends on social media. This allows us to identify which subjects are exciting people and should therefore be further promoted, and it also gives us an early-warning system for identifying when something is going wrong and we need to work together to counteract it (crisis PR). Our alerts and social media monitoring reports, customised to match your requirements, will keep you up to date.